Friday, December 23, 2011

Journal Pages

Another couple of pages.  Naturally I have only photographed the pages I like.  Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to post the uglies too.  First I have to accept that they exist!  Some of the collage elements on the Crazy Love page came from Kelly Kilmer.  I took one of her on-line journaling classes and she gave the class collage pages.  The other page was a result of testing various pens and inks I have in my stash to see how they felt to write with and how waterproof the ink was.  I also played with an edge punch on this page.  It's kind of a messy page but I like it for some reason.  I have a terrible time finding pens I like for journaling.  Half of the ones I try won't write over paint and glue.  Most of them aren't waterproof and I always end up regretting that fact.  The best pen I've found so far is my Copic marker but I don't like the chisel tip or the brush tip for most things.  I bought a fine point Copic pen but it doesn't seem to work as well.  Other artists swear by this pen or that but I have not had such good results.  Maybe it's because I live in such a dry climate.  There's nothing like an early morning blog ramble about pens huh? 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Journal Pages

Here is another page from my smaller art journal.  One of these days I'll get organized to take pictures as I complete pages, or at least I'll make some effort to post pages in order of completion.  Right now it's just an accomplishment if I get something posted!  I actually completely filled my larger art journal recently - the first one!  I'm not sure if it's complete or not since there are pages I'd still like to do more with, but it will take time to tell.  I do art journaling sporadically as I'm still trying to make up my mind why I'm doing it in the first place.  At the moment I'm trying to use this smaller journal for working ideas for new artwork which makes for rather ugly journal pages but I'm trying to get over that.  Do you ever want to get past the stage of figuring **it out and finally understand your own process?  I do!  But then again, learning is fun too.  Waffle anyone?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Color Studies

These are pages from my art journal.  I decided to collect images in color schemes that I don't normally work with and make a collage with them.  All these images and scraps came from magazines or catalogs, with a few bits of scrap paper thrown in.  I am so often disappointed with my journal pages but I ended up really loving these collages.  It was a great way to change my perception of these colors.  Now I find myself using orange and yellow green in more of my work.  These could also make fun concepts for a art quilt.  Hmmmm.

Leda's Flowers

Here is a new piece that I finished a little while ago.  Getting the pictures taken and edited for posting takes me forever!  The down side of bloggin! LOL.  This began with a piece of fabric-paper in shades of red and purple, which is a favorite color combination.  So many of my pieces begin after experimenting with a technique I want to try and this is no exception.  This is a remnant of my first piece of fabric-paper, made a couple of years ago.  I also wanted to to try printing images on silk.  I chose one of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings and was really pleased with the way it came out.  This piece includes embossed velvet (so much fun!), embroidery, beading, and stamping (with acrylic paint).