Sunday, June 10, 2012

40 West Arts Opening Night

Opening night at the new 40 West Arts gallery space was a huge success.  About 300 people attended!  There was a lot of great artwork and a lot of variety.  It was so exciting to see my own work hanging on the walls.  The energy of the show and all the people who attended was so positive.  I was excited to see the work of another fiber artist.  I'm not alone!  Hopefully I will actually get to meet her one of these days.  I went over and hung out for a while on Saturday.  Theoretically I was helping at the welcome desk but really I just sat and talked to people and watched all the activity.  There was a great sense of community going on, with people looking at artwork, standing around talking to each other, introducing one another etc.  I really hope this atmosphere proves to be the norm for this new art district.

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  1. I was delighted to be invited to the opening night at 40 West Arts, and while the ribbon-cutting ceremony was going on (and it was too crowded to squeeze into that room), several of us wandered and browsed the outer exhibits while everyone was busy in the community room.

    Ronni - your artwork is beautiful! I had seen some from a distance, but the gallery setting allowed me to get close up and see the fine details. Very impressive. I want to see more!

    40 West Arts did a great job with their first show, excellent choices and good variety of styles, size and media. My only "complaint" is really a compliment: I wished the show would be open for several more weekends so I could bring others to see it.